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New product for animals - Black Balance


I started to use this wonderful substance 3 years ago. I have given it all to my own horses and some of my customers too, especially for the stomach, intestinal and joint problems. Also for the pregnant mare and its foal.

From the very beginning, the horses felt the calmest and most satisfied, the number of deworms could be dropped based on the samples. No horses have had any stomach or joint problems after using this substance. I've heard also from my clients similar stories especially those who had abdominal and joint problems before.

The foal is already in very good muscle condition and healthy at the age of one.

I've been using it for 3 years BlackStuff product for human microbiome balancing, and it has worked so well for me. The whole idea to test it for horses was that so many horses are suffering stomach gut problems.

The product works and now it has been tested to work according to the university protocol in Latvia.

Heidi Svanborg-Lodman, Olympia rider and coach

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