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Black Balance has been developed for the intestinal welfare of animals to balance the intestinal microbiome as close as possible to its natural state. Black Balance combines the ancient traditions of natural medicine with modern biotechnology. The polyphenol-humic compound, derived from Chaga Birch and wood, restores balance and well-being to the microbiome.


Black Balance for Dogs is a very powerful prebiotic that promotes the vitality of beneficial microbes and improves intestinal well-being.


The 3 most important properties of the product are:


  • Improves the work of the stomach and the intestinal microbiome.

  • Improves the absorption of nutrients from the gastrointestinal tract.

  • Eliminates heavy metals and free radicals from the body.




€25.00 Regular Price
€16.25Sale Price
VAT Included
  • Birch and chaga extract with humic substance (25% humic acid and 75% fulvic acid), flakes oatmeal, water, potato fiber, potato starch.


    No flavors, fragrances or preservatives have been added.

    The product is completely vegan.

  •  1 biscuit for medium and large dogs (for small dogs 1/2 biscuit a day).

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